Weekend Fitness

Blogging about health and fitness on the weekend might seem like a strange idea for a college student. Everyone knows that university weekends mean parties, sugar-rich beverages, junk food, and extremely late nights (aka early mornings). I definitely enjoy the occasional wild weekend, but I am serious about my health and fitness at the same time.

Staying in-shape during the college years can be really hard. Especially if you are an over-achiever studying 18-20 credits per semester, taking on the role of Student Representative, sorority involvement, internships, and the list goes on.*

Being healthy is not impossible though, so I decided to start this little series as a way to keep myself on track and (hopefully) to encourage you to have a happy, healthy 2011. Every Friday or Saturday I will post 3 tips that helped me remember to be healthy that week.
Here are the first tips of the year:

1. Add running or jogging to your dayplanner. Write in huge letters so you can't miss it.
2. Stretch as soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning. Your shower will feel that much better.
3. Drink a glass of water with breakfast (you better not be skipping).

What makes you feel happy and healthy? I would love to hear your tips!
PS - Welcome to the new readers! Your comments are so encouraging.

*I may or may not be refering to myself... hehe


Brunch at Saks said...

Great post! I love your tips! I actually was healthier in college than I was in high school because I had more control over my eating and exercise time. You're right- it's a choice- but if you choose to make small changes it can make a big difference in the long run! Happy weekend :) xoxo

Barbi said...

Thanks sweets! :) Same here. I became health-conscious my senior year of high school and have maintained on and off through college. Now my goal is to look and feel great for job interviews! Have a lovely weekend!

Marissa said...

great tips! it's two weeks into the new year and i have yet to go out for a run, though I have been able to do cardioke a few days out of the week :). Also, see that you're reading water for elephants, i read it a few months ago, let me know what you think of it :)

blue moss said...

so glad you stopped by!! so glad to find your fun blog...and happy that you are in greenvile :)

those are some good tips....i'm all about exercize....but need to drink more water. i love me some diet pepsi....a habit i need to break


Barbi said...

@ Marissa: Thanks! I have been slacking off with running too. The cold weather makes it hard! I am planning to write a review of Water for Elephants when I'm done. Would love your thoughts too.

@ blue moss: lovely to meet you! looking forward to keeping up :) xo

Nesha said...

it's good that at least some of us students are serious about our health anfd fitness. You have to feel good and healthy in order to stay up all night anyway. And I don't want my skin looking all pimply and oily, and I most definitely don't want a muffin top. I wanna look good in my bikini this summer!


Barbi said...

So true. The all-nighters make me feel worse than anything else. Going for a run before I start studying really helps.

Kelly said...

this is an awesome post and series you are starting! i love reading health tips and will be back for some more!

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