Say Yes to the (Short) Dress (with Leggings)

After weeks of wet, nasty cold weather, I woke up this morning to 60 degrees and sunshine. Can you say ‘unpredictable’? Scrambling through my closet to find something appropriately winter-ish but still breathable was almost impossible. I finally settled on jeans and a tank top/sweater combo, but my insecure side argued that I was not suitably fashion-forward. Sigh.

Meeting my friend, J, for lunch (to hear her engagement story and gab about weddings!) provided a little happy inspiration.. J’s choice for the unseasonably warm morning was a geometric-printed dress that fell just above the knee, leggings, flat suede boots, and a black blazer. Perfect. The dress could easily transition between all four seasons and the blazer + leggings made the entire outfit wintery but not suffocating.

Unfortunately I quickly discovered my lack of such a dress. Leggings? Check. Flat boots? Check. Blazer? Check. No dress. So of course…
I turned to the Shops (Bop and Style, that is).

Go shopping for yourself after you finish everyone else,

Love the subdued color offset by that sassy bow!

Beautiful spring/summer dress, easily winterized with a jacket.

Feeling wild? ASOS knows how to do it right!

Elegant with all-black accessories, or spice it up with bright tights.



Metromix Link print newsletter recently had a photo-shoot for Greenville fall fashion and guess who had a photo spot?? So excited to see myself in print (see: print-struck) although my critical personality disliked the shot that was chosen. Oh well.. Being a supermodel, my life goal is not.
Scan of the photo + article coming soon!!


Let's Go Disco

Every few months a certain trend crosses my path and turns me into a completely obsessed moron. I will not be satisfied until I have turned every store in the area up-side-down to find the perfect top, or skirt, or coat, or necklace, or shoe. My current obsession is a bit more dangerous than usual because instead of being a specific style or cut, it is a general desire for anything with sparkles. ANYTHING.

The sparkle craving began to take hold when OPI revealed the new Burlesque line, and became a full-fledged obsession when I saw shimmering skirts, tops, tights, and jackets on many of my fellow students at a recent theater event. Although the glitter-as-daywear trend has been on the blogs since August, it took me this long to appreciate the many uses a girl can have for something sparkly. Lucky for me, Black Friday is only 2 days away!

OPI Burlesque line. Bring On the Bling is going in my Ulta bag!

J. Crew sequin drizzle tank. Love paring this with jeans and a black jacket!

Charlotte Russe sequin mini skirt. Try it with a structured jacket or top in blush tones.

Loft glitter capri wallet. Perfect wristlet and super affordable too!

Kate Spade charm pump. Because it's just too pretty not to look at!


MF News Flash

I know, I know, ages have again passed since the last time I posted. Hey, fashion majors are busy people! Especially fashion majors who are spending the summer as interns.. Oh yes, I am officially one of THE fashion interns!! Super exciting and totally overwhelming, and I am loving every second! Hopefully I will remember to post here with regular updates on the internship, but if I disappear for a while, you can find me guest-blogging here. Twitter has finally won my grudging respect and you can find me under Major_Fashion.

Until next time!


Incoming motivation

Oh college, what lessons you teach.... and most lessons do not come from a book! The lesson of time, for instance, is learned after your teachers have dumped piles of paper on your already full plate. Time is my excuse for not updating in, um, a very long time. Very long.
A recent e-mail from Style.com boosted my determination to squeeze blogging into my cramped schedule. A glance was all it took, and soon I was absorbed in spring runways decked in florals and vivid colors, visions of beaches and lemonade dancing in my head. Two hours later I had compiled a rather long list of "designers to look at when time is not important" (read: spring break). My habit of misplacing random lists spurred me to re-visit the Blogger dashboard and post the list in an easily-accessible place. Since time is being held over my head again, I am posting a highly edited version of The List. Here's to the next three months flying by!
Go shopping,

Lyn Devon
Nanette Lepore
Anna Sui
L'Wren Scott

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