Let's Go Disco

Every few months a certain trend crosses my path and turns me into a completely obsessed moron. I will not be satisfied until I have turned every store in the area up-side-down to find the perfect top, or skirt, or coat, or necklace, or shoe. My current obsession is a bit more dangerous than usual because instead of being a specific style or cut, it is a general desire for anything with sparkles. ANYTHING.

The sparkle craving began to take hold when OPI revealed the new Burlesque line, and became a full-fledged obsession when I saw shimmering skirts, tops, tights, and jackets on many of my fellow students at a recent theater event. Although the glitter-as-daywear trend has been on the blogs since August, it took me this long to appreciate the many uses a girl can have for something sparkly. Lucky for me, Black Friday is only 2 days away!

OPI Burlesque line. Bring On the Bling is going in my Ulta bag!

J. Crew sequin drizzle tank. Love paring this with jeans and a black jacket!

Charlotte Russe sequin mini skirt. Try it with a structured jacket or top in blush tones.

Loft glitter capri wallet. Perfect wristlet and super affordable too!

Kate Spade charm pump. Because it's just too pretty not to look at!

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