Run with the Punches

New blog name? Hmmm.
Some randomness for your Friday, while I try to get my life blog together.

*Is it normal to signup for personal training, a 4-miler, and a half-marathon in 1 fell swoop? Cause I did that. And now I'm considering banning myself from getting online after 9pm.

*Is it normal to feel like DEATH after 1 session with the personal trainer? 22 does not equal invincible. Life is a lie not worth living!
Or I could just get my sorry butt into shape.

*Is it normal to wake up on Thursday and be convinced it's Friday because you were off Tuesday and Wednesday? The answer is yes, if you work retail. *hand raised*

*Is it normal to be hungry at 11:30pm and finally give in and eat something totally weird? Like a slice of bread with honey and sunflower seeds.

*Is it normal to suddenly have the blogging urge after not blogging for 4 months, simple because you read someone else's blog who happens to be in the same city as you? And think that blogging again will make you as cool as they are? Yeah.

Happy weekend to those of you who work normal boring M-F jobs!


To Do in 2012

*Give this little blog a make-over! New stage in life calls for new name, new style, new attitude. Time to lose the college-throw-back ("Major"? Degree=earned!)
*Move to a new city. Ok, so this is cheating since I already know this will happen sometime next month. But hey, that makes it easy to achieve!
*Run a 10K in under an hour. This year, running becomes a habit.
*Visit Disneyworld! Nope, never been. My childhood was deprived.
*Take a trip to see friends in far-away places. Options: Texas, Hawaii, or California
*Learn to relax. I am a very up-tight person.. I'm the first person to ask "is that safe?", I enter new situations hesitantly, and I am always the DD. It is possible to have fun and not get killed!
*Do something new at least once a month. The options are pretty broad, since I have not been a very adventurous person in the past! Skiing? Bike ride on the beach? 5K by moonlight? Skydiving? Ehh, that's pushing it.
*Take a dance class
*Try yoga. In addition to being non-adventurous, I am also deathly afraid of looking like a moron whilst doing something I have clearly never done before.
*Spend more on my friends and family. I realized my selfish tendencies over the holidays. I also realized how nice it felt to say "This one's on me"!
*Write at least once a week. HAHA but really. I shall try.

Gunna be a good year ya'll!

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