Incoming motivation

Oh college, what lessons you teach.... and most lessons do not come from a book! The lesson of time, for instance, is learned after your teachers have dumped piles of paper on your already full plate. Time is my excuse for not updating in, um, a very long time. Very long.
A recent e-mail from Style.com boosted my determination to squeeze blogging into my cramped schedule. A glance was all it took, and soon I was absorbed in spring runways decked in florals and vivid colors, visions of beaches and lemonade dancing in my head. Two hours later I had compiled a rather long list of "designers to look at when time is not important" (read: spring break). My habit of misplacing random lists spurred me to re-visit the Blogger dashboard and post the list in an easily-accessible place. Since time is being held over my head again, I am posting a highly edited version of The List. Here's to the next three months flying by!
Go shopping,

Lyn Devon
Nanette Lepore
Anna Sui
L'Wren Scott

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