Say Yes to the (Short) Dress (with Leggings)

After weeks of wet, nasty cold weather, I woke up this morning to 60 degrees and sunshine. Can you say ‘unpredictable’? Scrambling through my closet to find something appropriately winter-ish but still breathable was almost impossible. I finally settled on jeans and a tank top/sweater combo, but my insecure side argued that I was not suitably fashion-forward. Sigh.

Meeting my friend, J, for lunch (to hear her engagement story and gab about weddings!) provided a little happy inspiration.. J’s choice for the unseasonably warm morning was a geometric-printed dress that fell just above the knee, leggings, flat suede boots, and a black blazer. Perfect. The dress could easily transition between all four seasons and the blazer + leggings made the entire outfit wintery but not suffocating.

Unfortunately I quickly discovered my lack of such a dress. Leggings? Check. Flat boots? Check. Blazer? Check. No dress. So of course…
I turned to the Shops (Bop and Style, that is).

Go shopping for yourself after you finish everyone else,

Love the subdued color offset by that sassy bow!

Beautiful spring/summer dress, easily winterized with a jacket.

Feeling wild? ASOS knows how to do it right!

Elegant with all-black accessories, or spice it up with bright tights.



Metromix Link print newsletter recently had a photo-shoot for Greenville fall fashion and guess who had a photo spot?? So excited to see myself in print (see: print-struck) although my critical personality disliked the shot that was chosen. Oh well.. Being a supermodel, my life goal is not.
Scan of the photo + article coming soon!!

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