To Do in 2012

*Give this little blog a make-over! New stage in life calls for new name, new style, new attitude. Time to lose the college-throw-back ("Major"? Degree=earned!)
*Move to a new city. Ok, so this is cheating since I already know this will happen sometime next month. But hey, that makes it easy to achieve!
*Run a 10K in under an hour. This year, running becomes a habit.
*Visit Disneyworld! Nope, never been. My childhood was deprived.
*Take a trip to see friends in far-away places. Options: Texas, Hawaii, or California
*Learn to relax. I am a very up-tight person.. I'm the first person to ask "is that safe?", I enter new situations hesitantly, and I am always the DD. It is possible to have fun and not get killed!
*Do something new at least once a month. The options are pretty broad, since I have not been a very adventurous person in the past! Skiing? Bike ride on the beach? 5K by moonlight? Skydiving? Ehh, that's pushing it.
*Take a dance class
*Try yoga. In addition to being non-adventurous, I am also deathly afraid of looking like a moron whilst doing something I have clearly never done before.
*Spend more on my friends and family. I realized my selfish tendencies over the holidays. I also realized how nice it felt to say "This one's on me"!
*Write at least once a week. HAHA but really. I shall try.

Gunna be a good year ya'll!

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kate funk said...

These are great plans!!!

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