Life and Times

First of all, let me say I have missed writing here and I am not intending to fall off the blogging map!

Second of all, let me say my job is cray-zay, my internet connection is non-existent, and my life has gone through a hundred changes in the past 6 months!

2011, it's been good. Truely the best year of my life so far. In fact, I got a little teary this afternoon thinking about all the incredible things I experienced, the places I went, the tasks I accomplished, and most importantly, the friends I made.

I graduated from college with a GPA higher than 3.0 (not much higher, but definitely higher).
...interviewed for and offered positions at 3 different companies
...accepted a job offer from one company, that also happened to be the biggest and best
...found out I would be moving to Savannah, GA with 1 month's notice
...enjoyed a final month of "summer vacation" in my hometown, between graduation and moving
...moved to a city I had never been to
...found an apartment on my own
...broke out of my shell enough to make a dozen new friends in a city where I knew 1 person
...adjusted to living alone, cooking alone, eating alone, and paying bills alone :)
...adjusted to a job in the retail "big leagues" with new responsibilities, challenges, and attitudes
...started running as regularly as possible and signed up for my first post-college race!
...completed said race, over the Savannah Bridge, with 4 fabulous friends who made up for a stinky time
...survived my first holiday season as a retail manager, recieving high praise from my boss
...survived, and even enjoyed, spending both major holidays away from my family
...took a leap of faith with a fragile relationship and learned to enjoy the moments that make me smile without thinking too far ahead

If 2012 is only half as good, it will still be an incredible year.

Happy, happy, happy New Year!!

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