How many of ya'll are craving fall a little bit early?? As of today, I am joining your club.

The South is a beautiful land full of ocean breezes, beach weekends, and sweet tea, but 95-100 degree temps combined with intense humidity are hard to love. Even for this summer girl!

Today Starbucks was playing classical music and I was instantly flooded with images of red-gold New England landscapes, fireplaces, blanketed couches covered with books, and fitted camel trench coats. What is it about Vivaldi and Bach?

As if that wasn't enough, Forever 21 put up their back-to-school displays featuring collegiate stripes, stacks of sweaters, and long plaid skirts.

I wore an almost-identical plaid skirt back in highschool. Seeing this one gave me a horrible flashback involving frumpy blouses and granny boots. But now I'm curious: how will you style it this fall to bring it into 2011?

Comment away!



kate funk said...

I feel like this has been the hottest summer of all time, I am SOO ready for the fall!!
velvet cupcakes

Lachlan said...

Hey there! Thx for letting me know about your blog and I LOVE it :) I too am more than ready for fall and have a couple of long plaid skirts I hope to wear whenever I get a place (and have a real closet) once again. Granny boots with them...I agree, def "out" but fitted, tall high-heeled boots def "in"- fun! Best and see ya' around, Lachlan

Anonymous said...

that's so funny - that's the same thing i thought of. Not sure how i would style that skirt... it's a bit much for me... Maybe a bandeau top to spice it up a bit lol

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