In The South, We Sloow

Hello blog world! I am ashamed to admit my complete slide into laziness when it comes to actually writing. As soon as my computer boots, I am surfing from blog to blog and putting off doing the "hard" work myself. In my defense, I do not have internet in my apartment yet. Starbucks and Barnes & Noble are my new besties.

I will post sometime in the near future when my camera starts working properly so I can post pictures! Who really visits a blog for the incredibly fascinating text anyways? Don't lie.

While you are waiting, go check out the Cookbook Experiment, the awesome South Carolina-based foodie blog run by: my mom. She has a couple contests going on and trust me, you don't want to miss her recipes. I would know!

Happy scrolling!

1 comment:

hautepinkpretty said...

coming back anytime soon? :) we miss ya!!

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