Style History: WWD 100

I was lucky enough to grab the last copy of WWD's 100th Anniversary special edition at B&N the other day. It's already selling for double the cover price on Amazon, so I felt extra proud of my bargain-finding skills.
You can still buy it for the regular price on WWD.com, but hurry. Packed from cover to cover with historical articles, vintage photos, and fashion trivia, this is something you will want for posterity. At least, that's how I justified spending the extra few dollars.
Who says fashion is not educational?


blue moss said...

i was eyeing this at b&n ...but was trying to be good and not spend the money....
my husband surprised me with a copy a few days later!!
i was thrilled

Barbi said...

Lucky girl! I probably should have saved the money for textbooks but that price was too good, especially when I saw the higher price online. And I think as a fashion student I can count this as a textbook. ;)

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