Snow Sweets

The old South is clearly not used to piles of snow collecting in the road, on the roof, and between the porch railings. As you can see, Snowmageddon 2011 has made me go a little crazy with alliterations.
Only one thing can keep a house-bound college girl from completely losing it: baking.
Doughnuts and hot coco have become our snow-day traditions. Thankfully snow-days happen only twice per year (once in January, once in December), or my waist measurement would be unflatteringly larger.

*Glass-cut circles*

*Strategic placement for optimal baking coverage*

*Sugar and spice coating*

*Sorority mug + hot coco + powered sugar for variety*

Recipe here.


Rachel said...

I tried my hand at these today. Thanks so much for the idea-they're delish!

Marissa said...

thanks for sharing the recipe...i should be able to make this :).

Girl Meets Handbag

Barbi said...

So glad you used it! I couldn't stop eating them.

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