In Now: Textiles by Rodarte

The Fashion program at my school includes several textile classes, so I geeked-out when I heard about Rodarte's collaboration with Knoll Luxe (thank you, Zoe Report)! The collection is intended for home projects, like cushions and drapes, but interior design fabric can be used to create AMAZING clothing designs as well.

I am itching to get my hands on a few yards to experiment with my DIY Rodarte fantasies!


Kelly said...

How fun! I hope you share your projects! Would love to see them.

Have a great Friday! xx

kate funk said...

Love this! I went to Philadelphia University for undergrad, formally known as Philadelphia College of Science and Textiles so I understand and appreciate the art of textiles. Great post. Just became a follower of your blog!
velvet cupcakes

Barbi said...

Thanks girls! I am planning on making a few posts about my projects soon. Remembering to take pictures is usually the only problem. And thank you Kate! xo

Anonymous said...

Those textiles look delish ;D imagine all the draping and pattern making <3

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