In Now: Texas via OPI

Just when you think the verbose minds behind OPI couldn't possibly produce another insanely creative collection, they do exactly that.
You'll want to be in a "Texas State of Mind" for this:

Texas OPI

Austin Tatious, I Want to be a Lone Star, Suzi Loves Cowboys, Y'all Come Back You Hear?
Houston, We Have Purple, Do You Think I'm Texy?, Don't Mess With OPI, It's Totally Fort Worth It, San Tan-Tonio, Guy Meets Galviston, Big Hair Big Nails, Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em

I have mixed feelings. OPI is known for over-the-top names, but most of these are downright cheesey (and not a sophisticated French cheese, either).




Brunch at Saks said...

Totally agree- the names are super cheesey! But they do have two of my most favorite colors: a grey called "You Don't Know Jaqcues" and a light pink "Bubble Bath" or something along those lines! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm always amused by their cheesey names :D i must admit... sometimes i choose my mani/pedi color based on which names i like better xD These colors are beautiful!

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