That's how many weeks are left before I am launched out of my safe little college bubble and into the big, exciting, scary, fast-paced, dream-driven, opportunity-calling world!
2.5 weeks and I will be done with classes, all-night study sessions, frenzied deadline-pushing, stinky classrooms, granola bar lunches, and 2-minute showers.
2.5 weeks.

Anyways. I wanted to share 3 awesome news bits before I go finish one last massive paper! If this sounds like procrastination, it. is. not. How dare you? Gosh.
In order from least to greatest (save the best for last, yes?).

Big News #3: Reese Witherspoon wore one of the Jason Wu dresses I was obsessing about during Fashion Week! So this is old news to you. But I had to post it because it made me all smiley inside. Also, she wore said dress on the Water for Elephants red carpet!! Remember my book review?? Oh, I guess Rob looks good too...

Big News #2: I found my graduation dress today!! It was on the sale rack at Loft (l-o-v-e), it was the ONLY one left, it was MY size, and it was beautiful. Oh, and the price? $80. My price? $25. Yes please and thankyou with huge cherries on top. I cannot wait to whip off my Harry Potter-esque regalia to reveal this (+ a skinny belt and killer heels):

And finally, Big News #1: Yesterday I was offered my first big time job. And it just happens to be my dream job. Can I just say, God is SO GOOD. I am thrilled, eager, nervous, and incredibly thankful for this opportunity!! I start in June, so I will have a month after graduation to chillax with my family, go on vacation, hit up some of my fav haunts (aka Charleston), and gear up for the next big step in my life.

Keep on keeping on,


kate funk said...

This post is sooo exciting!! I graduated college last May so I understand the excitment!!! Sadly though I am still eating granola bar lunches in grad school! lol Congrats on the new job, SOOOOO exciting!!! The dress is great too! I went to a fashion school and a lot of girls refused to wear the robes so their dresses could show!! Loved that! Happy 2.5 weeks, live it up!
velvet cupcakes

Perpetual Blind Date said...

These are all great things! I love your graduation dress! Also, how exciting for getting a fantastic job! Live up the last 2 weeks! It really is worth it! - Alyssa

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