Mary Mascara

So it looks like every female who has a passing interest in anything remotely beauty-related eventually will have issues with mascara. *ominous music here* Women (myself included) have tried hords of different brands of the stuff, each product company promising perfect, blob-less eyelashes and computer generated length. Personally, I have tried pretty much everyone's. Maybelline's ever-present Great Lash was my first at age 13. By the time I was 13 and a half I knew it wasn't meant to be. From then on my lash life slid quickly downward and I soon had a little black book of "never-use-again" mascaras. And then one day a dear soon-to-be-married friend of mine took me to a MaryKay beauty promo. One swipe of the Ultimate Mascara and my lashes were theirs forever. Well, maybe not forever but certainly as long as it keeps working. All that over-dramatization in a nut shell: MaryKay's Ultimate Mascara is highly recommended by your's truely. Buy it, use it, love it.

Go shopping,
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